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Collagen powder/Vanilla flavor,/strawberry flavor/300g per barrel



Collagen powder is a powdered preparation of collagen. It is a health food that regulates, nourishes or supplements the human body and is not intended to treat diseases. Collagen is one of the important components of human protein and plays a role in supporting organs and protecting the body. In addition, collagen is also widely used in the food field, and collagen powder is more convenient to eat and store. It has the functions of hydrating, moisturizing and tightening the skin.

1. Hydrating and moisturizing

Collagen molecules contain a large number of hydrophilic groups, which have good moisturizing functions, making the skin permanently moist, shiny, and tender. It can also inhibit melanin and whiten the skin.

2. Firm skin

After collagen is absorbed by the skin, it enters the dermal tissue and fills the space between the dermis of the skin. It can fill in local collapse, increase skin tightness, shrink pores, smooth fine lines, and make the skin tight and elastic.

Nutritional value: Collagen powder is a single protein powder extracted and processed from animal skins. The main component is collagen, which is an essential raw material for human skin, bones, hair, etc., so it is often used as a health product. It cannot cure diseases. Collagen participates in various synthesis processes in the human body. Its biggest use is to enhance skin elasticity. It is suitable for women to supplement collagen.

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